We started making chocolate bars in the rural hills of Northwest New Jersey, in the summer of 2017, and we have been passionate about our chocolate ever since.

FreeSpir Chocolates is dedicated to sourcing the best cacao beans and creating the best-handcrafted chocolate available.  We are excited to share the experience of tasting the complexity and amazing variations that these exotic beans possess.


We work with cacao from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Belize and will continue to find new origins to explore.  Each chocolate takes you on a journey of the palate where you can taste cherries, raisins, citrus, mango along with more earthy flavors such as licorice, molasses, and tobacco.

Our Fair Trade Sources - We start with carefully selected beans from throughout the world.  We look for sources that guarantee transparency in their production practices and fair treatment of the farmers. The beans cost more but the pride the farmers have in their product really shows in the flavor.  

Our chocolate is "Bean to Bar," and as it sounds, it begins with raw cacao beans and finishes with some of the finest chocolates in the world.